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Bubbles From The Springs

Creator: n/a
Date: June 1933
Publication: The Polio Chronicle
Source: Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation Archives

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Trustee Arthur Carpenter and Mr. Ralph Sherrill were visitors to the Century of Progress exposition before the opening. The Foundation has a very complete, scientific exhibit, including movies of Warm Springs. A full description of the exhibit will appear in the July CHRONICLE. Incidentally, our Playhouse movies surely missed Mr. Sherrill.


There are two soldier boys guarding the Little White House now, and are we proud of them! It seems that the place was going to be moved off in small bits by souvenir hunters. Sergeants Little and Hardage have been assigned to this duty by the Georgia State Militia. Sergeant Little is a student of genealogy in his spare time. Don't ask us what that means.


Little Frankie Cheatham, Otto Schenk, and Miss Katherine Mullen were patients at the Piedmont Hospital while undergoing operations there. We are glad Otto and Katherine are back and hope to have Frankie with us soon.


George Salmon, "Our Hero," left for his home in New Jersey last week. Mr. and Mrs. Salmon motored down and escorted George home. We are told George has pads in his riding pants as a result of a ride to the Knob. We had heard of Willie and the geography book, but this is a new wrinkle.


"Hasta luego porque un adios es muy triste" ( until we meet again because "good-by" is too sad) ...Sad when we left behind us real friends, sad when we left behind us carinos! But in exchange I take with me my best memories ; but in exchange I left you a heart full of gratitude and full of love."


"Here I brought a sharp thorn which you so wisely turned into a fragrant rose."


"God has blessed you Warm Springs. Is not a blessing your blue sky? Is not a blessing your marvelous springs? Is not your beauty a blessing? Is not a blessing your so cheerful atmosphere?"


"I only have to thank you, God, for giving us this place where to gather noble hearts. Every one has been so kind that I can't begin to thank them all.


"You have given me still more, you have given me the happiness to be a member of this big Warm Springs Family, and may health, happiness, and success come to each and everyone."


We shall miss our charming friends from Puerto Rico, Senorita Josefina Llobet and her niece, Natividad ("Mimi") Toste. And so, we say, "Hasta luego."


The first meeting of the entire Foundation Community, patients, cottagers and the employees, was held at the Playhouse on May 24. It is planned to hold such general assemblies once a month to bring to mutual problems of the community the mutual consideration of the three groups represented.


The Greenville High School Senior Class presented a musical comedy, "Black Eyed Susan," which was above the average in local entertainment. Everyone enjoyed the dancing and the variety of costumes.


The spectators were the "spectated" the other Sunday when the parade of visitors included a group of finger-talking folks. This reminds us that the first time a giraffe and a zebra met, they were both heard to remark, "There ain't no such animal."


Among the guests this month were: Mrs. George Salmon, of Maplewood, N. J. Hobart Weeks, of Skaneateles, N. Y.; Mr Maurice Finney, of Tuscaloosa, Ala. ; Mrs. D. T. Furse and Miss Ann Furse, of Savannah, Ga.; Miss Myrtle Sand, of Chicago, Ill.; Mr. Louis Ruppel, of Washington, D. C. ; Mr. and Mrs. George Dickson and small daughter, of Scranton Pa.; Mrs. R. E. Berger, of Malba, N. Y.; Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Hough, of Thomasville, Ga.