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Brief Description of the State Lunatic Asylum At Utica, N.Y.

Creator: n/a
Date: July 1847
Publication: American Journal of Insanity
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The whole structure, separate from that part of the Centre building assigned for offices, parlors, and accommodations for the Resident officers, and those engaged in the domestic employments of the asylum, consists of 380 single rooms for patients, 24 for their attendants, 20 associated dormitories of different sizes, that will accommodate from 5 to 12 patients each; sixteen parlors or day-rooms for their use, and 8 en-closed verandas or balconies that answer very well for par-lors and day-rooms; twelve rooms for dining, 24 for bathing, and as many for clothes, and the same number for water closets. Two large hospital rooms for the sick, with bedrooms adjoining for nurses; a Chapel that will accom-modate 500 persons; a Museum, or collection of pictures and other curiosities.


Various shops for shoemakers, tailors, dressmakers, cabi-net makers, &c. ; two rooms for printing, a large room for washing, and another for ironing, and a separate one for drying by steam; three kitchens, numerous storerooms, a bakery, a painters and plumbers shop; these are all con-nected, and may be visited without going out of doors. The establishment though large, and covering much ground, is conveniently arranged and not difficult of inspection; for although a walk through the entire establishment in order to visit each patient exceeds one mile, yet any one part of it may be visited from the superintendent's office in the centre building, in two minutes.


The present number of patients is 430. Number of ad-missions the last month, (May,) 45, discharges, 36.


By careful attention to the accompanying plan of the Asylum, the reader will be able to understand its general arrangements.