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Wheel Chair Prescription

Creator: n/a
Date: 1959
Publication: Toomey Gazette
Source: Gazette International Networking Institute

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Source: Fowles, Beth H.
Chief, Department of Physical Therapy,
Highland View Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio.
Evaluation and selection of wheel chairs.
Phys. Therapy Rev. Aug., 1959. 39:8:525-529.


Wheel chairs for respos should be made to order. Before such an investment a WC prescription should be filled by a physical therapist who understands your needs and those of respos in general. There are some evaluations to be considered:


1) measurements of the seated patient.


2) the possibility of a junior size chair. An average woman can use this size and it goes through narrower doors.


3) a fully reclining chair is invaluable.


4) anti-tipping levers prevent tipping backwards when reclined.


5} 20" rear wheels instead or the standard 24" If a respo is unable to propel himself, the large wheels are unnecessary and the small wheels allow for a body roll to reclining chair if desired.


6) a 3 to-6-inch foam rubber cushion to relieve pressure.


7) padded armrests that extend 6 or more inches beyond the back or the chair for support when reclining.