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College With Full Time Respiratory Aid And Attendant

Creator: Barton Hebert, Jr. (author)
Date: 1962
Publication: Toomey J Gazette
Source: Gazette International Networking Institute

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The telephone enabled me to finish my high school education after polio. Although the school was a couple of blocks from home, I was unable to attend in person because classes were on the second floor.


I am now in my sophomore year at Southeastern Louisiana College. With the aid of an attendant who works for me during the day, I have been able to attend all of my classes in person. The college is in a town about 25 miles from where I live. I was lucky enough to schedule all of my classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, so I go to school three days a week.


It is possible for me to get around with the aid of only one person because I am only totally paralyzed from the waist up, but from the waist down I have complete use of all my muscles. Since my legs are okay, I can get in and out of the car with just a bit of help. I use some form of breathing aid at all times. When I go to school, or, for that matter, whenever I go anyplace, I use the Monaghan 170.


I get in my chair in the morning when I get up and I stay in it until I get back in the tank at night. This is really not much of a problem since I am okay from the waist down and I can move around whenever I get tired.


There was no difficulty in persuading the faculty to let me attend, as no special arrangements had to be made. All of my classes are on the ground floor in the Business Administration Building. Most of my courses have been in the Business and the Finance Fields.


I did not have to make any special financial arrangements because Southeastern is a state college, and there is no tuition for state residents. The only fee is a $30 general admission fee per semester that covers the rental of books, season sports tickets, and etc.


As for taking notes, I borrow a classmates notes about every two weeks and I bring them home and type them up. I type with my toes. As for exams, on the objective tests my attendant fills in the blanks, and the discussion tests I take orally with my instructors.


My major is going to be either in business management or business finance, probably the latter. Both fields are of great interest to me and neither calls for any special physical abilities. Also, the opportunities in these fields are endless.