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Incidents In The Life Of A Blind Girl

Creator: Mary L. Day (author)
Date: 1859
Publisher: James Young, Baltimore
Source: Available at selected libraries
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Page 40:


And now, gentle reader, the simple story of my life is told. You mayhap have met but little to win upon your fancy, yet these pages are the heart-history of one whose way has indeed been fraught with vicissitude. Gleams of sunlight have shone forth, even when the hour was darkest, bidding my sad heart cheer, no day so dark but hath a bright to-morrow. If you have paused to shed a tear over any line or one emotion of sympathy has swelled your bosom in behalf of the lonely, friendless wanderer, then have you called forth gratitude from the heart of one keenly alive to what of joy may be her portion.


While wending your onward footsteps to the grave's shadowy portals, may no cloud obscure the light of your earthly horizon, and when with its icy chill shall steal death's hand over the heart once responsive to the ennobling emotions, pity, friendship, love, may an angel bear to the home of the blessed your ransomed soul, to dwell forever with the Lord.

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