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Panels of the comiuc book, "The Will to Win."  Good Willy learns about people who have succeeded despite their disabilities.

Visual Still Information

Title: The Will To Win, Page 6
From: The Will To Win
Original caption: Panel 1
“With Goodwill Industries to help, no person should give up or lose hope because he’s handicapped!”
“That’s right Good Willy... and the almost unbelievable accomplishments of some handicapped people should be an inspiration to every less fortunate person!”

Panel 2
“In sports, entertainment, medicine, journalism, and business, handicapped people have been outstanding. I’ll name only a few...”

Panel 3
They said it couldn’t be done when Pete Gray, with only one arm, reported to the St. Louis Browns team in 1945 to play baseball. But Pete made the grade and played in 77 games as a big leaguer!

On a trip to entertain troops in World War II, Jane Froman was in a plane crash that left her disabled but she never gave up and fought her way back to return as a headliner in the entertainment world!

The name of Helen Keller is almost legend, but the courageous women, who was born both deaf and blind, learned to read and speak... and graduated from college with honors!

After becoming paralyzed in both legs from polio at the age of 39 Franklin D. Roosevelt learned to live with his handicap and four times was elected President of the United States!

In spite of a withered left arm Ed Furgol won the U.S. Open championship in 1954 against the world’s best golfers!
Creator: Milton Caniff (illustrator)
Date: Circa 1955
Source: Goodwill Industries International, Inc., Archives, Robert E. Watkins Library