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Report Of Commissioners Appointed To Superintend Erection Of A Lunatic Hospital At Worcester

From: Reports And Other Documents Relating To The State Lunatic Hospital At Worcester, Mass.
Creator:  Horace Mann, Bezaleel Taft, Jr., and W.B. Calhoun (authors)
Date: January 4, 1832
Publisher: Dutton and Wentworth, Boston
Source: Available at selected libraries

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The treasurer should be required to present annually to the Governor and Council, at the time when the Board of Visitors make their report, a detailed and complete view of the financial concerns of the institution; and the Governor should be authorized to draw his warrant upon the treasury for such sums as may be necessary for the support of the same.


The Commissioners conclude with the expression of their confident belief, that this institution, under skilful management, will subserve the objects of a just economy; and while it cannot fail to afford recovery or relief to a large class of unfortunate sufferers, may, at the same time, by the exhibition of an example worthy the imitation of other communities, aid, still more extensively, the general cause of philanthropy.


Respectfully submitted,
HORACE MANN, BEZALEEL TAFT, Jr., W. B.CALHOUN. Boston, January 4, 1832.

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