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First Report Of The Superintendent Of The Lunatic Hospital At Worcester, Mass.

From: Reports And Other Documents Relating To The State Lunatic Hospital At Worcester, Mass.
Creator: Samuel B. Worcester (author)
Date: November 30, 1833
Publisher: Dutton and Wentworth, Boston
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During the past year, the duties of those who have had the immediate management of the Hospital have been peculiarly arduous; such a collection of patients so "furiously mad," and so dangerous to manage, were probably rarely ever brought into any one Hospital, in so short a period. Nearly all the individuals who have had the charge of these patients, were, when they commenced, wholly ignorant of their duty, and had to learn it by experience within its halls. No serious accident has occurred, and the duty, although increasing daily in responsibility, is comparatively less arduous. This enterprise is now fairly begun. It is to be hoped that it has thus far satisfied public expectation. The advantages of this Hospital, although principally prospective, have not been unimportant to its numerous inmates. With the continual care and vigilance of a wise and efficient Board of Trustees, attended by the smiles of a Beneficent Providence, it will doubtless be an extensive blessing to this community, and it is confidently anticipated that it will take high rank amongst the public charities of this Commonwealth.


November 30th, 1833.

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