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Committee Notes

Creator: n/a
Date: November 1932
Publication: The Polio Chronicle
Source: Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation Archives

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Polio Crusaders -- Mrs. Lillian K. Donovan, chairman, was up and at 'em this month. "Donny" turned in 42 members and a total of cash and pledges of $197 in one day. That was Sunday, October 23, when Governor Roosevelt and thousands of his admirers visited Warm Springs. More power to "Donny" and many thanks to the new Polio Crusaders.


The Polio Crusaders number 602 now, and they have contributed $1,972.18 to the Crusade against polio.


Publicity -- The Group, under Phil Buchen, completed the circulation test of the Polio Chronicle with the October issue. Replies from the free circulation total over 600 to date. Many Polio Crusader memberships have resulted from the test, also.


The policy of adding a definite budget of names to the Polio Chronicle mailing list is under way with Edward Patterson of Spring Lake, N. J., as Circulation Manager.


A. & M. Hints Group -- Latest addition to files is full information on many types of elevators for use in private homes. These include regular shaft types and the inclined types which provide a mounting platform moving on a rail beside a straight staircase. Full information on this or any other architectural or mechanical devices for parals may be obtained by addressing the Group Chairman.


Greetings -- This Group's work and personnel transferred to Polio Crusaders Group. This Group's work is a logical part of the Polio Crusaders Group's local program and it will receive new impetus under "Donny."


Hotel Group -- Work almost completed. Maintenance of the Group's Hotel Directory will become a part of the Library Group's work.