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Calendar Of Interesting Events At Warm Springs

Creator: n/a
Date: July 1932
Publication: The Polio Chronicle
Source: Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation Archives

Page 1:


June 30th -- Several enthusiastic admirers of Governor Roosevelt spent the entire night during the battle over the Democratic nominations listening over the radio, with the kind of indulgence of Miss Zuber, disciplinarian of the colony.


Great was the jubilation on the following night when Governor Roosevelt was nominated by an overwhelming majority on the fourth ballot. A telegram of congratulations was dispatched to him by the Committee. It read: "Congratulations. May 'Polio Crusader Number One' soon become our 'Citizen Number One'."


July 1st -- The Manchester Athletic Association put on a minstrel show in the Play House that was largely attended by the people from the Foundation.


July 4th -- Under the direction of Bob Wallace, as chairman of the Entertainment Committee, a programme of amusing events was arranged to celebrate Independence Day. Aquatic sports at the pool under the direction of physios, Lucile Daniels in charge, occupied the morning. Swimming races and tub races were keenly contested by the patients, who were divided into three teams, the Reds, the Whites, and the Blues. The Reds, led by Geoffrey Merriss, were ultimately victorious. Various sideshows were put on, including a spectacular demonstration of life saving (feminine) by Ham Moore.


In the afternoon, a picnic took place at the eighth green of the Warm Springs golf course, which was a favorable spot for the display of fireworks that came later in the evening. Some ninety people, patients, friends and staff, were there, sitting on the ground or in chairs and cars, and a good spread was provided by the energetic managers. After the fireworks and the shouting died, the crowd adjourned to the usual Monday night moving picture, to wind up the day with special late leave.


July 4th -- Many patients and others "take the air" for short flights from the Warm Springs airport. As this goes to press, Elizabeth Angell and the Arthur Carpenters, Junior and Senior, are making the trip north via air.