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Bubbles From The Springs

Creator: n/a
Date: July 1933
Publication: The Polio Chronicle
Source: Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation Archives

Page 1:


The National Patients' Committee had two meetings in June. At the regular monthly meeting on June 6, Paul Rogers, of Warm Springs, was elected vice-president to succeed A. S. Van Horn, of Maplewood, N. J. L. L. Weeks, president, appointed a committee to study a change in the National Patients' Committee pledge. The committee has since recommended a pledge to read:


I hereby pledge myself to


1. Help the Foundation and others who are crusading against Polio.


2. Aid the growth of the Patients' Aid Fund of the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation


3. Spread the gospel that physical handicap of polio does not make one a "cripple."


4. To this end, I pledge at least two hours a week of my time while at Warm Springs or at least two hours a month while at home, to be devoted to the Committee's work.