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Committee Notes

Creator: n/a
Date: March 1933
Publication: The Polio Chronicle
Source: Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation Archives

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POLIO CRUSADERS -- A campaign has been started for renewal of memberships for the coming year.


It is a year this month since the Polio Crusaders were formed and our membership now stands at 935, and over $5,684.39 has been received in donations. There were many generous contributions while the President-elect was at Warm Springs.


ENTERTAINMENT -- Bob Edwards, of Glendale, California, is now in charge of this group, the activities of which are described under our Interesting Events column.


REHABILITATION -- Six low cost educational short courses will be offered to patients and others at the Foundation on March 13th. They average about ten weeks each, and cover the fields of amateur photography, leather work, metal work, making of marionettes and puppets, nature studies, touch typing, and art appreciation. Additional courses are planned in short-story writing, public speaking, and higher mathematics.


LIBRARY -- In addition to the books in our own library, fifty volumes have been obtained from the Georgia Library System, and these will be changed from time to time.


Books may also be obtained from the State Library under the Individual Loan system.


Patients and guests are thus able to choose from a very wide selection of books, obtaining them by mail with comparatively little trouble.