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Helen Keller Denounces Apathy Toward Suffrage

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Date: March 23, 1913
Publication: Chicago Daily Tribune
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Says Boston Women Should Be First to Give Support to Women's Cause Because of Ancestors.


Boston, Mass., March 22. -- -Special- -- "I was born a suffraget, and two years ago I became a socialist," said Helen Keller, the blind and deaf girl.


"It seems incredible," she added, that the men of Massachusetts, descendants of such fighters for liberty as Adams, Hancock, Sumner, and Phillips, should oppose woman's suffrage now, and here the women are in the majority. Year after year women are turned down in the legislature.


"Once Boston promoted liberty, but it seems to have lost interest. It is because I love Boston that I scold it. I am so proud of Boston that I can't bear to have it lag behind in the world's great march toward brighter and better future.