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Helen Keller's Appeal

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Date: October 14, 1918
Publication: New York Times
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Pleads That Bonds be Bought to Hasten Humanity's New Day


Miss Helen Keller has issued a stirring appeal to the American people to buy Liberty bonds. In buying bonds, she says, we will be doing our part to help the boys overseas who are fighting for us.


"The long night of humanity is over and done," says Miss Keller. "The air is tremulous with the soundless feet of the new day. I tell you, the hour of deliverance for all men is at hand. The purpose of the ages is being fulfilled. Man's hope of liberty, so long thwarted, crushed and smothered, is coming with the new day. Men and women are growing more and more conscious of their power and united in their purpose. When they gain their economic freedom they will have achieved what is now but a dream.


"I have never believed so thoroughly in the people and their right to self-government, and it is for you that I stand before you and ask you to buy Liberty bonds to bring about the fulfillment of this dream."