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Letter To Alice Cogswell From Classmates, Februray 9, 1815

From: Letters -- Miscellaneous Cogswell Family
Creator: Lydia Huntley (author)
Date: February 9, 1815
Publication: Father and Daughter: A Collection of Cogswell Family Letters and Diaries (1772-1830)
Publisher: American School for the Deaf
Source: Yale Medical Library

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Hartford, Thursday, Feb. 9th


My dear little Alice, We are all going to write you a letter, because we love you, and are sorry you are sick. There is a map on my table, where I write, and I see Newfoundland on it, where you tell me they catch many fishes. The young ladies are studying their dictionaries very good, and I love them all and we all love you, very much.

Your affectionate friend, Lydia Huntley.

My dear little Alice, I love you because you are good. I want to see you very much. I hope you will be well enough to come to School tomorrow, we have been reciting Geography, if you had been here you could have told Miss Huntley that it was cold in Greenland, and hot in Africa, the Lions live in Africa. When you come to School you must answer this, if you love me. good bye,

Your dear friend E. Hall

Dear little Alice Your little rose that I gave you is killed by the cold, it is cold in Greenland and warm in Africa. How is Mason? You told Miss Huntley he was a little sick boy. I am with affection, yours,

H. W. Terry

My dear Alice, I wrote you a very short letter yesterday but it was not because I did not love you for you know I love you very much. When you get better you must write me a letter, and I will say Alice you are beautiful. I hope you will get well soon & come to school. Have you forgot what the seasons are? Spring, Summer, Autumn, & Winter. If it was Spring I would send you some beautiful roses. if it was Summer I would give you some cool drink. if it was Autumn I would send you some apples and grapes. But it is cold Winter & all I can send you is a kiss and a letter & my best love. Who do you think will be Saturday Monitress? I wish my dear little Alice was going to wear that pretty drown. it is very late and I cannot write any more but did you good night.

Yours, Caroline Chester.

Dear Little Alice-- We have been reciting in geography this afternoon, we should have attended to your examination if you had been here, some of your signs are very pleasing. Imagination I like, I love to hear you say Beautiful. I hope you will be able to attend school soon. The Asp you say killed Cleopathra she was beautiful.

Yours with affection, Lara S. Cooke.

My dear Alice, It grows dark, for the sun has gone to his bed; - but the snow on the roofs of the houses, gives me light to write to you. School is out, and the fire is out, the little girls are all gone home, but Elizabeth & Harriet Terry, and Margaret Bull. It will soon be very dark, but God looks through the darkness & takes care of the good, and will not let any evil come to them while they sleep. Good Night. I love you.

L. Huntley.