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Mason Cogswell To Mary Cogswell, September 7, 1816

From: Letters By Mason Cogswell
Creator: Mason F. Cogswell (author)
Date: September 7, 1816
Publication: Father and Daughter: A Collection of Cogswell Family Letters and Diaries (1772-1830)
Publisher: American School for the Deaf
Source: Yale Medical Library

Page 1:


To Mrs. Mary A. Cogswell,


Hartford, Conn.


Boston, September 7th, 1816.


My dear Mary-


Here I am in Ben Boswell's office, in the midst of newspapers and types, etc. To save time I have begged a pen, ink and paper here, rather than go home to my lodgings, which are some distance off, and through one of your Boston crooked ways.


We arrived here about half past twelve, the night after we left Hartford. We were conducted up into the fourth gallery of a little world called the Exchange, which we were very glad to leave the next day for a more peaceful and quiet lodging at Mrs. Jones' in Pearl Street where we are comfortably lodged and fed. That is whenever we are at home, which is but a small part of our time. Since our arrival, we have been incessantly engaged in delivering our letters, feeling the pulses of the sick, and contriving the best possible way of picking their pockets gentely.-sic-


Matters, we think, are working up towards a favorable issue. Whatever ingression Mr. Gallaudet and myself have made, Clerc is doing wonders. He makes them all stare and exclaim at the different Insurance Offices, at private parties, at our lodgings, and even in the genteely.


We have not begun with our subscription paper yet; but everything as far as we can judge goes well.


Mr. Gallaudet and Clerc join me in an affectionate remembrance to yourself and all of the Children.


Your ever affectionate husband,


Mason P. Cogswell