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The Jukes in 1915

Creator: Arthur H. Estabrook (author)
Date: 1916
Publisher: Carnegie Institution of Washington
Source: Available at selected libraries

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Bell, II 3, sister of Ada, had four bastard children before marriage, three of them mulattoes. She was unindustrious and a pauper, much like her sister. She had no property, received outdoor relief, and was temperate. She married Bruce, II 4, and died in 1832. Bruce was a Revolutionary soldier and received a pension. He was not industrious, never acquired any property, and received outdoor relief. He was temperate and not criminal. They had four legitimate children. The descendants of Bell, both illegitimate and legitimate, are shown in chart 3.


Clara, 11 5, the third of the five sisters, was reputed chaste. Her legitimate posterity are shown in chart 4. She married Lawrence, II 6, who was licentious and had shot a man.


Delia, II 8, the fourth sister, had two bastard and five legitimate children. Of Delia, nothing is known further than that she was a prostitute. She married Harry, II 7, son of old Max. Nothing is known of Harry. The bastard children of Delia had no offspring. Her descendants are shown in chart 5.


There is no personal information about Effie, II 10, the last of the five sisters. She married Harvey, II 9, the other son of old Max mentioned above, who was probably a thief. They had four children, and their descendants are shown in chart 6.



The first of the five Juke sisters was Ada, II 1. She was born probably between 1755 and 1760. She was "a harlot before marriage; not industrious; healthy; no property; not criminal; and received outdoor relief in her old age." She had one illegitimate child, Alexander, III 1. The descendants of Alexander are listed in chart 1 of the present book. Ada married Lem, II 2, and had a legitimate posterity shown in chart 2. The illegitimate posterity of Ada, i.e., the descendants of Alexander, will now be described.


Alexander was born in 1784. He was somewhat industrious, a laborer, honest, and temperate. He had no property, received no outdoor relief, and was not a criminal. He married his first cousin, Beatrice, III 18, a daughter of Bell Juke (chart 3). She was "reputable, temperate, not criminal, healthy, and not a pauper." These two lived in the ancestral breeding-spot of the Jukes, "along the forest-covered margin of five lakes, so rocky as to be at some parts inaccessible." Alexander and his wife were squatters on the soil, as were the other original Jukes. This couple had six children - Abe Isaac, IV 2, Alice, IV 5, Albert, IV 7, Amanda, IV 9, Alfred, IV 11, and Amelia, IV 12. All of these were anti-social, though neither parent was. A description of their descendants now follows.


The oldest of their children, Abe Isaac, was licentious when young. He would work well on a spurt, but not steadily. He was reputed to be a sheep-stealer, but was never caught. He had a quarrelsome disposition, was an habitual drunkard, and a recipient of poor relief in his old age.


The second child, Alice, was somewhat industrious and temperate. She became a prostitute at the age of 35 while her husband was in State prison, sentenced for 5 years. She received town help at different periods during her whole life, and died at the age of 70.


Albert, the third child of Alexander, kept a tavern and brothel, was a thief but was never caught, and a recipient of poor relief during practically his whole life. He inherited a few acres of land, upon which he lived at the age of 67, and died at the age of 79.


The fourth child of Alexander was Amanda. She was a harlot and a pauper, and nearly blind.


Alfred was occasionally intemperate, though an industrious mason. He received much poor relief from the age of 46 until his death.


Amelia was a harlot, who had been placed in the poor-house for debauchery in 1852 at the age of 22. All trace of her disappears at this point.


This gives a picture of the crime, debauchery, and pauperism in the first generation following the cousin mating of Alexander and Beatrice. The descendants of each one of their five children will be described in turn.


Abe Isaac's first consort, Lottie, IV 1, was a harlot. He had one child by her, Ann Eliza, V 1. (3)

(3) Dugdale states that there were no children from this mating and includes Ann Eliza among the children of the second consort.


Ann Eliza, who was also a harlot, had been in the poor-house and received outdoor relief. She cohabited with her second cousin, Ephan, V 414, a great grandson of Effie Juke. Ephan was a steady worker and acquired a little property, i.e., a half acre lot and a hut. He was, however, an habitual drunkard and received help from the town for many years. Neither he nor Ann Eliza could read or write. They were not married until all their children were born and they had been living together 10 years. Then, both intoxicated, they celebrated the event by dancing down the tow-path near their home. In 1875, during a drunken fight, Ephan was severely pounded by his wife and son, VI 6, also drunk. Ann Eliza was sent to the penitentiary for 6 months for this act, and the boy to the House of Refuge. Ephan then cohabited with Golden, V 415 (chart 6). Ann Eliza became homicidal and delusional after her release from imprisonment, and was sent to a hospital for the insane, where she died in 1908.

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