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Charity Postcard Of Daniel Harriss, Text Of Reverse

From: Charity Postcard Of Daniel Harriss
Creator: n/a
Date: Circa 1900
Source: Robert Bogdan Collection

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The photo on the opposite side of this card is the exact likeness of myself standing, illustrating my bent over condition as stated in my letter, i.e., I am stiff in both hip joints and suffer with curvature of the spine, leaving me bent over permanently in nearly a sitting position. I have in this unfortunate condition existed for many years.


For reference as to the above absolutely true statements concerning my present physical disability you may inquire of the following persons (enclosing stamped envelope for reply) or I will on request send you the names of a few more reputable citizens who will gladly furnish information relative to the writer's sorrowful condition.


Mr. Richard M. Curtin, 3013 Cambridge Place N.W.
Mr. James J. Keane, 1227 10th Street N.W.
Mr. Joseph D. Murray, 3205 N Street N.W.
Washington, D.C.


As the mails are perfectly reliable remittance may be sent in any safe and convenient way, or as follows, i.e.:


Personal check, P.O. Money Order, Express M.O., Registered Letter, Special Del. or postage stamps (one cent variety preferred). Coin may be sent with some degree of safety if securely wrapped in heavy paper (my letter for instance). It is unsafe to send loose coin in an envelope, as there is danger of it being CUT OUT by the stamping machine used by the Post Office Department in cancelling stamps on letters. I have suffered some little disappointment on account of money being lost in this way. Paper money may be sent with perfect safety, but it is always risky to send uninsured money through the mails.