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Panels of the comic book, "The Will to Win." Good Willy learns more about how Goodwill Industries operates.
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Title: The Will To Win, Page 7
From: The Will To Win
Original caption: Panel 1
“So you see, Good Willy, there’s hope for a better life for everyone. Even the mentally handicapped are being helped today by Goodwill Industries... and given employment!”
“Who pays for all this? It must cost a lot of money!”

Panel 2
“Much of the expense --- that for medical and other services to rehabilitate the less fortunate --- comes from community support. But the workshop program supports itself...”

Panel 3
People give to Goodwill Industries clothing and household articles they don’t want or need any more... and handicapped workers repair them for sale in our stores...

Panel 4
“Say, that’s a great idea. Giving away usable articles keeps them from collecting in basements and attics, and look at all the good it does to train the handicapped and make jobs for them!”
“That’s the Goodwill story! Why don’t we go over to our store and look around? Maybe they’ll even put you to work!”

Panel 5
Then, at the Goodwill Store...
“Hello... looks like this young man has his eye on a shiny big bicycle. May I help you?
YEP! I need it for a job!”

Panel 6
“A JOB? Why, you’re too young to be working!”
“Oh, no... this is a job everyone can do. Mom told me about Goodwill Industries and how it helps people who aren’t as lucky as I am!”
Creator: Milton Caniff (illustrator)
Date: Circa 1955
Format: Comic Book
Source: Goodwill Industries International, Inc., Archives, Robert E. Watkins Library
Control no.: Boston Binder
Keywords: Assistive Technology; Charity; Children; Cognitive Disability; Economics; Employment; Entertainment, Leisure & Recreation; Goodwill Industries; Milton Caniff; Physical Disability; Recycling; Service Organizations; Sheltered Workshop; Social Welfare & Communities; Technology & Equipment; Vocational Rehabilitation; Wheelchair; Work
Topics: Institutions, Organizations & Corporations; Mass Media, Culture & The Arts

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