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Thomas Gallaudet To Mason Cogswell, August 9, 1816
All take a great interest in Clerc. He is so modest and easy in his manners and converses with such charm and propriety with all that it is a matter of general admiration. We have much to do to get our establishment on an eligible footing....
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Title: Thomas Gallaudet To Mason Cogswell, August 9, 1816
From: Letters To Mason Cogswell
Creator: Thomas Gallaudet (author)
Date: August 9, 1816
Format: Correspondence
Publication: Father and Daughter: A Collection of Cogswell Family Letters and Diaries (1772-1830)
Publisher: American School for the Deaf
Source: Yale Medical Library
Control no.: Biog. C659R
Keywords: Advocacy; Alice Cogswell; American School For The Deaf; Correspondence; Deaf; Education; Educational Institutions; Exhibits; Family; France; Fundraising; Immigration; Institutions; Laurent Clerc; Mason Cogswell; Medicine & Science; Mute; New York; New York Institution For The Deaf & Dumb; Philanthropy; Schools; Sensory Disability; Sign Language; Social Welfare & Communities; Travel
Topics: Institutions, Organizations & Corporations; Social Movements & Advocacy

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