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Date Format Image Collection
1916 Article    Document
1916 Article    Document
1916 Article    Document
1916 Article    Document
February 9, 1843 Newspaper    Document
January 1849 Article    Document
June 1896 Article    Document
November 1918 Article    Document
October 1844 Article    Document
February 25, 1940 Newsletter    Document
October 1908 Article    Document
April 9, 1963 Speech    Document
April 1933 Magazine  Cover of The Polio Chronicle showing Franklin Roosevelt taking the oath of office. Visual Still
October 23, 1962 Speech    Document
1865 Pamphlet    Document
1865 Pamphlet    Document
September 17, 1917 Article    Document
March 1906 Article    Document
1903 Article    Document
March 2, 1854 Government Document    Document
February 9, 1854 Government Document    Document
February 21, 1854 Government Document    Document
February 27, 1854 Government Document    Document
February 28, 1854 Government Document    Document
May 4, 1854 Government Document    Document
June 19, 1854 Government Document    Document
1844 Annual Report    Document
October 1918 Article    Document
October 1918 Photograph  Men working at carpentry machinery. Visual Still
October 1918 Article  Three men housepainting. Visual Still
February 25, 1940 Newsletter    Document
February 10, 1964 Government Document    Document
August 1, 1953 Government Document    Document
January 17, 1883 Cover  llustration shows Benjamin F. Butler spreading ashes labeled Censure, Exposure, Desire for Reform, [and] Criticism on a slide in the snow labeled Slide of Public Mismanagement to the dismay of a group of children labeled Factory Employee, Sup't. of Charitable Institution, Prison Supt., Army Snob, Matron of Infant Asylum, Manager of Insane Asylum, [and] Superflluous Gov't. Employee on Beacon Hill. Visual Still
circa 1850 Lithograph  A horse drawn carriage carries a woman, child, and man to the gates of the Alms House. Visual Still
circa 1860 Lithograph  Lithograph that depicts a woman with 2 children pointing towards the State Alms House which sits on a hill. Visual Still
February 3, 1912 Article    Document
1875 Lithograph  Aerial view of state asylum and grounds Visual Still
1906 Postcard  State Institute for the Blind, Janesville, Wisconsin.  A large building, driveway in front. Visual Still
1915 Postcard  State School For The Blind, Columbus, Ohio.  A large gray building. Visual Still
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