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Page 4:  Photographs and brief bios of Harry Howett and James A. Hewitt who were both active in "Crippled Children movement" Page 5: Continues the story of the Rotary Club's work on behalf of Crippled Children.
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Title: Why Rotary? (Continued)
From: Care Of The Crippled Child
Original caption: Harry Howett
"Although E.F. Allen is the name most widely associated with leadership in the Crippled Children movement, it was devoted, modest men like Harry Howett who helped make E.F. Allen's dream a national and international reality".
Mr. Hewitt, who was Secretary-Treasurer of the Elyria Memorial Hospital, Chairman of the Crippled Children Committee of the Elyria Rotary Club, member of the board of directors of the Ohio Society for Crippled Children, conducted the "Easter Seal Sale" drive in Elyria for many years.
James A. Hewitt
Why Rotary? (cont.)
The $15,000 annual limitation in cost was inadequate so Edgar Allen and Elyria Rotarian Harry Howett (who was by then secretary of the Ohio Society) worked on a different bill. . .
Under Edgar Allen's leadership, and with great assistance from Rotarians throughout the state, Ohio became one of the first to have a complete program for Crippled Children. . .
But, as Harry Howett pointed out in the 1920s, "the greatest impact of the Crippled Children Societies was the change in attitude. . .a great increase in public treatment. . .and a remarkable change in the attitude of parents". . .
The success of the Ohio Society for Crippled Children brought profound interest from Rotary Clubs throughout the country. . .
Generous assistance from many of these clubs brought into being the National Society for Crippled Children. The name was later changed to the International Society for Crippled Children, with some form of affiliation with countries throughout the world. . .and, naturally, Edgar Allen was the first President of the International Society.
Creator: n/a
Date: 1973
Format: Pamphlet
Publisher: Elyria Rotary Club
Source: Elyria Rotary Archives
Location: pp.4-5
Keywords: Accident; Advocacy; Charity; Children; Cripple; Easter Seals; Edgar Allen; Elyria Memorial Hospital; Fundraising; Hospitals; Institutions; Medical Professionals; Medicine; Ohio; Parenting; Philanthropy; Physical Disability; Rotary Club; Service Organizations; Society For Crippled Children
Topics: Institutions, Organizations & Corporations; Social Movements & Advocacy

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